Apartments for Sale in Heliopolis

Why Choose Heliopolis Real Estate?

Much of Heliopolis real estate feels more like a chic European neighborhood rather than an African or Arab country so western expats will feel right at home. Heliopolis serves as a cultural epicenter as well with cultural or religious centers of Christian, Islamic, and Jewish faiths.

Anyone looking for apartments for sale in Heliopolis will love the interesting and well-crafted architecture as well as the calm streets. While Heliopolis real estate is at a higher price point than other Cairo neighborhoods, residents can enjoy the wide range of amenities like terraces, spacious spaces, security, covered parking, A/C and convenient travel in and out of the city.

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As one of the most upscale and sophisticated neighborhoods in Cairo, Heliopolis is the ideal spot for expats to call home. Heliopolis is filled with lush gardens and parks, theatres and entertainment, dining, schools, and much more.

Those choosing apartments for sale in Heliopolis can take advantage of Heliopolis’s convenient location. East of Cairo’s bustling urban center near Nasr City lies the historic Nile river and plenty of famous cultural attractions.

Foreign professionals, ex-pats, diplomats, and businesspeople can enjoy Cairo as a business epicenter of East-meets-West MENA trade while finding a quiet respite away from the crowds.

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